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V&V is an Italian company operating in the international telecommunications market

Structured on different switching nodes, installed in different sites and interconnected to each other through a broadband network managed with security criteria, our technology has been designed to easily and securely manage large volumes of interconnections and communication circuits towards the end user.

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What we do

The telephone wholesale business is based on the concept of buying and selling telephone credit.
Customers and suppliers are exclusively certified telephone operators.
V & V acts as an intermediary, providing individual telephone operators with specific telephone lines all over the world.

Any telephone procedure, from interconnection to finding the correct combination of individual routes, from billing to quality control of each individual call, takes place in a fully automated manner. Our advanced IP infrastructure allows us to easily and efficiently interconnect many new telephone companies, consequently operations on the market are constantly growing.

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We design and implement solutions for Hot Spot WiFi, Wireless Zone and VoIP PBXs that meet the needs of different types of customers from the small office to large areas such as Hotel and Campus, from professional to large company.

Mival Connect provides its services through a last generation data center configured with the Tier 4 standards. The Data Center is located in Chiasso (CH), a few meters from the most important telecommunications node to Switzerland where converge the main backbone of Europe optical fiber.

Solutions for your businessSolutions for your business

The hardware and software solutions we design and build are tailored to meet your specific business needs.

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Communication is critical to every business, we help you do it better at reduced costs

Our experience

The Mival Connect Team consists of professionals who have an ‘experience of about 30 years in the telecommunications market, Information Communication Technology and Finance. The combination of these skills make Mival Connect a solid and steady growth prospects. We believe in the work and the reliability, practicality and timeliness are our guidelines.

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What is the telephone wholesale?

In financial markets, derivative or share transactions between buyers and sellers take place within an “electronic stock exchange”. Similarly, there is an electronic telecommunications market, where Carrier to Carrier transactions take place in an exclusive Telecommunications Trading network. The telephone wholesale trade does not take place between individuals, but rather exclusively between telephone companies duly registered in the register of telephone operators.

V & V acts as an intermediary, providing individual telephone operators with specific telephone lines all over the world.

Example:The telephone company ABC Telecom needs a certain volume of telephony to a country (eg Cuba), the telephone company BCD has the required volume available to that country and therefore sells the required amount to the telephone company ABC Telecom to a previously defined price.

L’attività di wholesale telefonico si basa sul concetto di compravendita di credito telefonico.
I clienti e fornitori sono esclusivamente operatori telefonici certificati.

V & V is the ideal technology partner for your business

Solutions for your business

V & V, through partnership agreements, is able to constantly interconnect many new telephone companies, consequently the growth in the market is important and continuous.

Disaster Recovery plans, physical and virtual

Scalable and modular solutions based on specific customer requirements

Housing to fit every need

Professional hosting without surprises

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